Improving Low-Grade Bladder Cancer Detection

PreviewCytologyPro XT is an industry-leading cytology test that can improve accuracy, decrease atypia rates and improve the detection of bladder cancer.

CytologyPro XT takes traditional cytology two steps further by not only adding acid hematoxylin, which helps decrease atypia rates, but also by adding an hTERT (telomerase) marker stain to improve disease detection rates. Telomerase has been shown to be a major aspect of cell immortality and tumor development, as 80-90% of all tumors express telomerase.1


Benefits over traditional cytology: 2

• 32% increase in accuracy with true negative 

• Accuracy of atypia increases by up to 79%

• AH and hTERT stains improve detection of suspicious and malignant cases by 10% 


1. Chen, C. H. and R. J. Chen (2011). “Prevalence of telomerase activity in human cancer.” J Formos Med Assoc 110(5): 275-289.

2. Based on Bostwick Laboratories’  internal data.