Prostate & Bladder Histology

  • Board-certified, expert uropathology staff personally trained by Dr. David Bostwick
  • The most sought-after second opinion practice for bladder and prostate biopsies in the world
  • New technologies improving diagnostic results

Innovative Technology

  • Optimal cell and tissue handling
    • Two micron cuts
    • 12 sections per block
    • Tissues are processed by microwave oven, ensuring the most consistent, delicate handling and the least disruption to cellular architecture
    • Additional slides provided at no charge upon request
  • Advanced testing
    • DNA ploidy analysis (prostate & bladder histology)
    • Biomarkers (CK7, CK20, p53, MIB-1, p27, CD34)
  • Enhanced report format
    • Photomicrograph on malignant cases
    • Gleason grading (prostate histology only)
    • Grading (WHO Classification) and diagnosis (bladder histology only)
    • Physician web (WebDox™) access to laboratory result delivery and test ordering


  • Access to pathologists for physician-to-physician consultations
  • 24-hour turnaround time (if no special stains required)
  • One-source laboratory for all urologic tests
  • Accept all insurances
  • Personalized service from your local pathology sales representative
  • Dedicated customer service representatives

Urologic Focus

  • Urology-specific laboratory
  • Dedicated GU pathologists
  • Complete urologic diagnostic services
  • Clinical trials
  • Visiting fellowship program